Hello, I'm Matt

I am a web designer, developer and creative technologist, writer, occasional film-maker, some time musician and one time radio presenter and hopefully, a positive disruptor... wait, A WHAT?!

I work directly with medium and large business in many technology areas and with small business in front end web and end-client technologies and have been fortunate to provide services for the likes of Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Warner Bros, Harper Collins and KPMG. Alongside this I focus on working with performing creatives such as musicians and actors to help them develop their web presence.

I love design, I love structure, I love simplicity and I have a desire to bring the three together through a crisp, clean, responsive web space and over the years I have found that maintaining structure and a clear, straight-forward process helps keep mistakes to a minimum just in the same way that keeping a design minimal and on point helps define the message.

Working with performing creatives and Very Small Business (VSB) allows a two-way creative flow and helps develop a relationship that you don't have in larger enterprise where you are working with a "product". At the personal/VSB end of the spectrum you need to remember you are helping to develop a dream, nurturing a future. It's rewarding and exciting to know that you have helped someone achieve something that truly matters.

There are some work streams I choose not to get involved in outside of enterprise, mainly data gathering sites and those with a heavy focus on e-commerce. This is a choice primarily due to there being so many good resources out there already why re-invent the wheel. I really don't want to waste anyone’s time or money developing a feature to sell t-shirts when a link to an established service will provide their fans with exactly what they need.


2022 Availability

2021 is full up but I am scheduling work for Q2 2022. Please contact the studio for availabity but please remember I work on a limited number of projects in a period.

Possible 2022 Tour

Talks are underway for a possible run of gigs in the UK at the start of 2022. I'll keep you updated.



I'm always keen to hear about schemes, plans and ideas. Feel free to message the studio...

Social Media

I am around and about on social media.

A Video Treat

In 2001 I discovered a book called Flash Web Design by Hillman Curtis and it changed my view entirely of how the whole practice of web design works. Suddenly, I could animate, add components that worked dynamically and generate content that incorporated sound and visuals in a way that plain HTML couldn't do and what's more, I could code via ActionScript. In that one chance meeting on a bookshelf in Waterstones I had found a new passion and in some way a mentor in Hillman.

Skip forward a couple of years and he released "MTIV Process Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer", which I believe is still in print, in which we were treated to a design perspective and a practicle way of, as the title suggests, Making The Invisible Visible.

His final print offering, Hillman Curtis on Creating Short Films for the Web, revealed his processes in film making, a direction he had moved towards, firmly leaving behind the world of web design. I can see how though, Flash gave you that desire. It's here we pick up the reason for this video treat. Hillman's short films had a wit and style about them that I hadn't seen elsewhere. They were well written, polished, well lit, had great sound and soundtracks.

Here I present "ROOF", a five minute short based around three guys stuck on a roof with rising floodwaters in New York City. It's a great display of all the things aforementioned and it was the first time I encountered Glenn Gould's presentation of Bach's Goldberg Variations.

Sadly, Hillman passed away in 2012 but for many he is still an inspiration and still referenced.. still "the guy".

SHORT FILM: roof from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo